Eldercare Workforce Alliance


Our nation is ill-prepared to meet the health and social needs of older adults and their families. By 2030, one in five Americans will be age 65 or older-75 percent of whom will have at least one chronic condition, with 20 percent having five or more chronic conditions. Our challenges include:

  • Unsupported Direct-Care Workforce: Our nation’s three million direct-care workers-home health aides, certified nursing aides and personal care attendants-are often poorly compensated, trained, and supervised, contributing to heavy workloads, and dangerously high rates of vacancies and turnover.
  • Clinician and Faculty Shortages: Too few providers are pursuing careers devoted to caring for older adults, creating shortages not only of providers but also of faculty with the knowledge and expertise to educate others.
  • Inadequate Training: Too few public resources are invested to ensure that all care team members-family and friends, direct-care workers and professionals–are provided the geriatrics and gerontology information and training necessary to care for older adults.
  • A Fragmented System: Our nation’s health care system all too often provides care that is episodic, overly siloed, and poorly coordinated.   more…http://www.eldercareworkforce.org/

Reference:  Eldercare Workforce Alliance


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