Genetics, Signaling Paths Next Frontiers in Pancreatic Cancer Treatment


By Melissa Weber

Pancreatic cancer’s reputation hasn’t been a pretty one. It usually lurks inside the body undetected until it’s reached an advanced stage, and when finally caught, rejects just about any treatment. Only about 5% of patients live five years past diagnosis, which is among the lowest survival rates for any cancer.

But 2 new treatment theories could offer new hope against this difficult to treat disease. One is rooted in genetics, hitting the disease by exploiting a gene that is mutated in some patients. The other aims to crack the cancer’s life-sustaining armor. Along with targeted approaches like these, researchers are also actively pursuing new ways of using existing drugs.

“The hope is that… there will be clear new directions in terms of the next decade of treatments,” says pancreatic cancer specialist Eileen O’Reilly, MD, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.  more…

Reference:  American Cancer Society:


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