Caregiver Faces Charges


By Shumuriel Ratliff /

POSTED: 6:32 pm EST January 7, 2011

Police in one local city say a home health worker stole from an elderly patient she was supposed to be helping. She faces several charges and more could be on the way.

Nat Festerman a detective with the Morehead City Police Department said 39-year-old Tracy Ingram used her job as a Licensed Therapist Assistant to become power of attorney of her client and steal from him. The victim, who’s in his 80’s, lives in Morehead City.

 “You lay trust in someone to take care of you, that’s pretty low for someone to do that. That’s taking advantage pretty hard,” Festerman said.

Festerman became involved in the case after he was contacted by the Craven County Sheriff’s Department. He said a custody battle between Ingram and her ex-husband proved that Ingram was living beyond her means.

 “From there we did an investigation and found out Ms. Ingram had been hired to be a caregiver through a contracted company,” Festerman said.

Investigators say Ingram had been taking advantage of her client for months. Ingram faces several charges for the crimes she’s been committing since September. Officials say that more could be on the way.

“She falsified a contract saying she was to work for him and get paid a certain amount at no time did the victim ever sign any type of contract. she falsified the the contract along with the Power Of Attorney.

Ingram faces charges including fraud, exploitation of the elderly and forgery. Authorities say they plan to arrest another suspect, who they believe may have helped Ingram.



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